Sports Carbon Fibre Orthotics

Sports Carbon Fibre Orthotics

What are foot orthotics?

Foot orthoses or orthotics are inserts for shoes commonly known as arch supports which are prescribed and designed to align and assist in the foot and lower limb function during walking and running sports.

Why would you need to wear orthotics?

Dr. Sempka sees people of all ages and levels of activity not just the elite athletes, with a variety of leg and lower limb problems.

He uses a variety of different devices depending on individual needs and budgets, as not everybody needs a custom 3D carbon fiber devices and prefabricated or over the counter inserts can be modified to meet individual needs (within reason) often at the time of assessment consultation.

The orthotic devices that Dr. Sempka provide are ideal for children who experience reoccurring leg or foot pain (growing pains), constantly tripping and falling (clumsy gait). Dr Sempka frequently see and help children with walking and running difficulties such as those with pronated (flat) feet, those that are in-toed (pigeon toed) or out-toed (duck feet) or you as a parent or guardian are noticing uneven shoe wear.

Athletes and people participating in sport or just keeping active we advise on

  • stretching and strengthening exercises programs,
  • specific footwear – neutral, semi-control or controlled
  • and amongst other aids, orthotics to help maximize their performance and minimize risk of injury by addressing mechanical problems.

Orthoses are also prescribed for the ageing or seniors who develop aches and pains when they walk. These issues could range from back, hip, knee, leg, ankle or foot pain as a result from arthritis and wear and tear as well as increasing foot pressure resulting in callus, corns and blisters.

What are the different types of orthoses issued by Dr. Sempka?

Cushioning, soft, diabetic orthotics – these devices are designed to cushion and pad the underfoot with shock absorption during walking or running.

Pressure relief orthotics – these devices integrate cushioning as well as additional relief by redistributing pressure from the prominent problem areas of the foot such as heel pain or bunion pain.

Over the counter, prefabricated orthotics – these are possible medium term alternatives for support but are not specific for the individual feet.

3D scanned and 3D printed orthotics – theses devices are for conditions that require a superior fit and control for a more accurate realignment and for a long term solution generally 4 to 5 years.

3D scanned and low profile carbon fiber – When the very best performance & the lightest and strongest orthotic inserts are crucial for a competitive advantage as that in the increasing technology carbon fiber plated running, basketball, soccer, football and cycling shoes.

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Are your orthotics still working?

Many of our patients have pre-fabricated, custom 3D printed or carbon fibre orthotic devices, also known as shoe inserts. In order for your orthotics to work correctly for you and your feet, it is suggested that you consult a sports podiatrists for regular reviews:

  • annually for prefabricated devices (off the shelf devices)
  • every 2 years for adult every day custom made orthoses.
  • Every 18 months for those athletes’ participating in sport 3 or more times per week

If your orthotics are still working?

Dr. Sempka offers orthotic reviews regardless of whether he made your previous devices. Dr. Sempka offers a refurbishment service of old existing devices with recovering available in various materials and reposting for better control and an even longer life

Is there a guarantee with Dr. Sempka’s orthoses?

Yes! Dr Sempka guarantees against the polypropylene shell breaking (under normal wearing conditions) for 4 years from the initial fitting. If during normal use your orthoses crack, de-laminate or unglue we will fix them free of charge. The orthoses top covers also come with a 12 month guarantee by the manufacturer against tearing or un-gluing.

Any appointment regarding your custom 3D printed or Carbon fibre orthoses within 12 months of their prescription is also complimentary.


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