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Dr. Lukasz Sempka Podiatrist

Dr. Lukasz Sempka Podiatrist only uses the latest clinically tested research and methods to assess and manage foot and ankle issues.

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Welcome to Dr. Lukasz SempkaPodiatrist

Our podiatrists are at the forefront of the academy’s and focused on the advancements in podiatric medicine. We pride our selves on being involved with the board of directors and being a trustee to continually advance the professions in sports and paediatric-focused podiatry.


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What We Offer

These expert podiatrists will help you with these issues.

Heel Pain

Heel pain and heel spurs is one of the most common conditions treated by our podiatrists, it is often a result of weak or faulty biomechanics of the feet and or lower limbs.

Shock Wave Therapy

Shock wave therapy is the application of a high-energy acoustic pulse transmitted into the tissue of the affected area of the body.

Kid’s Podiatry

Dr. Lukasz Sempka Podiatrist takes special care to know your children’s feet differ from those of adults.


Sports Podiatry

Any sporting activity, which involves, walking, running or jumping places greater physical demands on the body, and especially on your feet.

Sports Carbon Fibre Orthotics

Carbon fibre foot orthoses or orthotics commonly known as arch supports which are prescribed and designed using light weight & thin composite material also used on Formula One race cars to align and assist in the foot and lower limb biomechanics during walking and running sports.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nails are discoloured, unattractive and many people are embarrassed to have open shoes in public.

Foot Health Care

We treat problems that can affect your feet.

Diabetes & Feet

According to Diabetes Australia, diabetes is a chronic condition whereby the body in order to work properly needs to convert glucose (sugar) from food into energy.

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.

Find out how Dr. Lukasz Sempka Podiatrist can help with your foot and ankle issues.

Special Focus

Specialised Assessment, Management and Care Of Your Feet

We know that every person’s feet are unique, and therefore, require specialized assessment, management, and care that you can only expect at Dr. Lukasz Sempka Podiatrist.

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Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.

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